If you are a mother or father of a young child and you want him or her to be successful in life, make sure that you buy enough story books from an early stage. If you are a teacher in school, encourage your students to read more story books. Ask the parents to buy story books.

Buying a barbie doll or a remote controlled car doesn’t mean anything to your child’s brain development. It actually harms. Instead you can spend less and buy more story books.

So why it’s ‘super important’ that children read story books at an early age? Here are 4 main reasons:

Reading story books increase academic ability: Even if you are not a big fan of social scientists, you will still admit that reading story books help children in a numerous ways. Improving reading skill, learning new language (especially English, if that’s not your first language), learning new words, learning to make sentences etc. are just few academic abilities that vastly improve among the children who start reading story books at an early age.

It makes your child creative: Forget about iPad filled with amazing educational app to make your child creative. It’s the story books that have more power to unleash the inner creativity of your child. Story books open a whole new world to them that even the most amazing Disney animation will not be able to do. Researches suggest that it is harmful for your child’s brain development if they watch cartoon or play games on mobile device if the child is under 3 years old. Reading story books is the BEST brain stimulation exercise invented by human.

Story books make your child compassionate: Being compassionate is one of the most important characteristics to have. Story books often cover areas like helping others, being compassionate, caring for animals or environment. At an early stage, these issues are important to learn for a child. What’s the best way to learn than from a story book? And keep in mind that schools don’t teach them. Emotional Intelligence is going to be a key skill that will require in the future to get into better jobs that also develops through reading books.

Story books help your children to get jobs: Finally what matters most. You all want your children to have a good education and then have a good job. Right? In next 30 years, about 30-40% new types of jobs will emerge that we know nothing about. But you meant to educate your children for it. How do you do that? Reading story books at an early age will help your child to become a life long learner. It helps to become independent learner. Not to mention about creativity. These are few skill sets that these future jobs will require creativity and  skills.

So, start buying story books and creating a habit of reading books for your children at an early age. And then sit back and relax to enjoy as the future of your child unleash with full potential in front of you. You can find some amazing books for your child in Goofi.


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