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Child development is one of the biggest focal areas in today’s day and age. If you look up the ‘Happiest children on earth’ or ‘Happiest parents in the world on Google, the answer to them will be the same. And the name of the land is- Netherland. Some of you know it as Holland as well. Yes, the football powerhouse, the team in orange. This team in orange is also an elite in child development.

Since 2007 Netherlands has ranked first place consistently for ‘happiest’ parents and ‘happiest children. But the question is, Why? What’s their secret?

We want our readers to look for the answer. But we are going to mention 2 points that we believe are related to the parents in our country. Number one, Dutch parents (both fathers and mothers) spend plenty of time with their children. Number two is, Dutch parents don’t make school and academic result to be the center of their children’s lives. These help in overall child development.

This style of upbringing makes sure that Dutch children have successful careers while being the ‘happiest’ children in the world. The Dutch education system and schools don’t pressure children with unbelievable academic expectations on their students either. They understand that extreme academic pressure becomes the biggest obstacle to healthy child development. Mostly in the early stages of their lives.

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Teachers Time and Child Development

Their parenting success has spread all over the globe as an example of child development. And now people from any corner of the world know it as the ‘Dutch way of Parenting’ or ‘Parenting like the Dutch’. 

In 2017, the founder of Light of Hope, Waliullah Bhuiyan first came to learn about the Dutch way of Parenting. He realized that there is no alternative to working with parents and teachers in creating a beautiful future for the children of Bangladesh. 

During the first 3-4 years of a child, he lives in his home, with his parents. Then he goes to school where he spends the next 12 years of his life. Within these 12 years, the future of the child has already been decided. 

The next generation of your country is shaped by two groups- parents and teachers. Parents are the first and the most important teacher to a child. That’s why we named our parent-teacher-based platform Teachers Time. Teachers Time from Light of Hope started its journey in 2018. Our main goal was to create awareness among Bangladeshi Parents while offering parenting courses. So that parents can give proper guidance to their children. Our second goal was to train teachers, especially teachers that teach preschool and primary school students. 

For this reason, Teachers Time has created a platform with the best ECD Experts, Education Experts, and  Child Psychologists in the country. So that parents and teachers can learn from the best. 

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Teachers Time course certificate Child Development

Since 2018, Teachers Time has trained over 30,000 parents and teachers (government, non-government, kindergarten, and English Medium schools) from different parts of Bangladesh. Teachers Time has introduced 2 months-long certificate courses as well while having regular workshops. 

To celebrate World Children’s Day 2022 on November 20, Teachers Time has brought to you many offers and discounts. All of our courses on our website have been made free for the next 2 months so that parents and teachers from any part of the country can easily access our courses. It is our mission to give an ecosystem for every child that will bring out all of his hidden potentials. for that, we must invest in the parents and teachers.

Workshops on special children and children with Autism- are being arranged. Check more on our website.