We often get this question: My child’s age is 3 years. What kind of book I should give her? Can you give me some suggestion?

When Light of Hope – our parent company decided to start Goofi Books in 2019, the core objective was to make such children books that will help children to become more creative, empathic and academically advanced. Within just 2 years, Goofi Books have become a popular book brand among a certain group of parents.

Children – no matter their background – Bangladeshi or abroad, loves our book. We get pictures from parents with our books that they are purchasing for their 6-month old baby. Although this makes us really happy, we want to make sure the right goofi series are going to the right age-group children.

We don’t recommend any of our goofi book series for children less than 3 years old. We have divided our goofi book series in two broad categories: Academic Book and Creative Book.

Goofi Academic Book Series

Goofi Academic Books are designed mostly for pre-school and early Kindergarten students (4-7 Years old). We have developed 4 Book Series that works as a complete set for pre-school or homeschool set. Although the focus is to develop early literacy and numeracy skills through these books, we embedded other activities inside the books to develop their critical thinking, imagination, creativity.

Teachers Time - play with alphabet m as
Play with Alphabet Series is the highest sold English Activity Book Series for pre-school and early grade students

Beside English, Bengali, Math Series we have also introduced another series for Doodle, Design and Drawing for children. Kids just love coloring these highly creative designs, drawing techniques.

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Teachers Time - goofi drawing set 3
Goofi introduced the first doodling books for kids in Bangladesh.

Goofi Creative Book Series

All other Goofi book series are categorized under ‘Creative Books’. But all these series have different themes. For example, Goofi Storydoo series theme is ’empathy’. In each of the books, the storyline and plot focuses on developing empathy and values among children. It is the best selling Goofi Book series so far.

Teachers Time - borno golpo 1 2 d
Goofi Bornogolpo brings the concept of telling a story with one Bengali letter and teach children values and emapthy.

The Goofi creative book segment is mostly for children between 4-10 years old. We recommend for reading these books to children when they are young (3-6 years old). But once they can read themselves at the age of 7-10 Years old, they should read these amazing stories themselves.

Any goofi creative book series can service a family for minimum 4-5 years – once at a young age and once they are old enough to read themselves. The books are designed like that.

Find the Goofi Creative Book Series

Next time, when you think about choosing the right goofi books for children, you have the answer now.

Thanks Goofi for providing us these amazing images to write this article.


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