Online training courses for teachers in Bangladesh is getting popular. During the COVID-19, teachers in Bangladesh became highly active to use the time to get them trained. Thanks to initiatives like Goofi Parent Show, Teachers Time Online Workshop and Online Professional Certificate Courses for teachers or aspiring teachers.

During COVID-19, we have organized over 30 online workshops where more than 500 teachers and parents participated to learn a new skill or acquire knowledge in their area of interest. Some of these short courses and workshops are now available on Teachers Time platform.

If you are a school teacher, these are the 5 online short courses on Teachers Time that will help your career to grow.

Understanding Students:

Anyone who wants to teach children should sign up for this course. The course is conducted by Taposhi Rani Sarker, a Teach for Bangladesh fellow, a trained Montessori trainer and currently teaching at Viqarunnesa School. She worked with Light of Hope to develop a number of courses for teachers, had conducted training both online and offline to prominent schools in Bangladesh.

Classroom Management Techniques:

Once you understand about your students, it is time to learn how to manage your classroom so that each of your student gets the outcome they deserve. The course is conducted by Taposhi Rani Sarker.

Effective Teaching Techniques:

So you learned about the students and learned about managing classroom, but how do you know whatever you are teaching is actually effective. How do you plan your session, how to engage students, how do you handle difficult students? What are the scientific methods and tools that you can use to make your teaching effective? This course is conducted by Raka Abedin, ex-trainer of BRAC Education Program and Light of Hope. She is a TESOL-certified trainer.

A Guide to Teaching Learning Materials:

Every kindergarten teacher faces this problem. Teachers who teach very young children, need to keep them engaged, active and entertained at the same time. Besides, the teachers also need to make sure the students are learning. That’s why creative and interesting teahing learning materials become essential. This course is designed by Waliullah Bhuiyan, CEO of Light of Hope and Taposhi Rani Sarker explaining what teaching learning materials are and their making and use in classroom.

Teaching Moral Values to Children:

We all know school is not just a place for learning math, science, history. But it is a place where children learn about valuable social skills, learn about friendship, and character values. As educators, our role is not to make good students, but also a good human being. Schools can play this role better than any institutions. This course is for school administrators, school principals, coordinators and also enthusiastic teachers like you. The course is designed based on the best practices among the best schools around the world and delivered to you by none other than Waliullah Bhuiyan, CEO of Light of Hope.

Find these amazing courses from Teachers Time platform and enroll to these courses. There are quiz after each course and those who will successfully complete the course, will also get certificate from Light of Hope Ltd.

We kept the subscription for free now. Take this opportunity to take as many courses as possible.



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  • As a govt primary school teacher what professional teaching certificate need here in Bangladesh.

    • If you are looking for ‘Certificate Courses’ for you, then check out two special certificate courses we are offering.
      Click Here for details.

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