Teachers Time - 5 Reasons of Using Teaching Learning Materials in Classroom 5

Over the last 2 years, thousands of parents took online courses from our platform. We also had the opportunity to provide training in various schools where parents came to learn parenting skills.

Just like everything else, the ways of parenting is also changing. Young parents are going online and searching for solution to their various parenting needs. Working parents have queries like how to spend quality time with their children, how to reduce smartphone addiction of their child etc. The list goes on. Here comes 5 online parenting short courses that every parent with young children should take.

Spending Quality Time with Children:

Working parents don’t get enough time to spend time with their children. Usually, mothers take care of their child’s wellbeing, health, education and mental development. In this busy world, often we fail to manage enough time for your children even though we must manage sometime from our daily schedule for the children in order to ensuring their development. Also sometimes, we can not figure out what the best techniques are that involve our children and make us spend some quality time with them. Tahmina Rahman Sathi, Head of Kids Time and a best selling children book author, took this course for parents sharing all the tips and tricks that every parent needs to know. The short course is currently free on the platform to make sure as much as parents can enroll for the course.

Play and Creativity:

Parents are often found disturbed as they think they are failing to spend some fun time with their children. Even though they are managing time for them, the child does not seem to be enjoying the time much. The parents then end up questioning their capabilities. But the time that we spend with our children can be made enjoyable, fun and creative as well the parents will be able to ensure maximum development of their children by following a few tricks and techniques shared in this course.

School Readiness (Basic Skills):

The moment your child’s age is 3 years old, as parent you start to think about schooling. Pre-school is the place where children get exposure to the outside world – other children, teachers, new environment. This means you need to prepare the children to do a lot of things on their own – eating their food, grab a pencil or even going to the toilet. A must-do course for parents thinking about giving their child to school.

School Readiness (Academic Skills):

School admission is more competitive than ever. A lot of parents work very hard to prepare their children to successfully get admission to their desired top school. But how to start the preparation at home? This is tricky when your child is 3-4 years old. This course is designed to answer those questions for parents so that they can start the preparation as early as possible.

Understanding the Nature of Children:

Having a good relationship with children and accelerating their development depend a lot on understanding the nature of children. The child can be shy, lazy, restless, talkative, depressed, curious, emotional and even destructive. The strategies of managing these kids with different types of characteristics also differs quite a lot. In this course, it is discussed that how the parents can identify the nature of their children at the first place and then figure out the the managing strategies accordingly.

Besides these courses, there are lots of parenting contents, short courses, expert shows are available on Teachers Time platform. You can sign up for free to get access to these amazing courses to make your child prepare for the future.


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